About us

A specialist  with over 100 years experience

GB is a leading specialist insurer, headquartered in Bermuda, with roots dating back to 1901. We are not a traditional insurer. We focus on specific types of insurance where we have developed expertise, often focusing on areas other insurers find too complex to insure. By challenging convention in each specific market we offer market leading products and services to US businesses.

Financially strong

Our companies in the US include Hiscox Inc. and Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. is a Chicago, IL domiciled insurer admitted or licensed to do business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. is rated A (Excellent)1 by A.M. Best with a group financial size category (FSC) of XI, proving we have strong capital reserves.


A global presence

We have a strong international presence, with offices in 11 countries, including UK, Germany and France. We also write a range of insurance through the Lloyd’s of London insurance market. Through Lloyd’s of London we have been insuring US businesses for over 40 years.


How we’re different

Our people, underwriting expertise and our relentless commitment to exceptional customer service make us different.

 No two businesses are exactly the same and we are committed to offering flexible and intelligent underwriting solutions, with coverage tailored to a business’s needs. We also don’t shy away from complex risks.

Our values

These are the fundamental principles we believe in and they are qualities for which we are known. At the heart of this is a desire to challenge convention in our industry to deliver better products and service to our clients.

Courage – dare to be different

Quality – good enough is not enough

Integrity – true to our word

Excellence in execution – see it through, thoroughly

Respect – ruthless in decision, considerate in execution